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The ACTIVATE! Change Drivers programme equips Activators with innovation & project planning skills. They explore aspects of leadership & values; and offer an understanding on how to navigate the socio-political landscape.

ACTIVATE ! Change Drivers Programme

The ACD Programme seeks to connect & equip young leaders already active and committed to the public good, with a toolkit for social change. In an environment that nurtures social, economic and political forces for community development, this is our entry-tier course that helps participants take their leadership skills to the next level.

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Community Development Certificate Course

Many times, many activators are effective community development workers lacking only a formal qualification. The CCD Course is accredited by SAQA as a nationally-recognised tertiary certificate, instructing course attendees in local & international best practice and practical skills.

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SWITCH  Entrepreneurship Programme

Here is a 11-month course for carefully-selected aspiring social entrepreneurs. The SSE programme helps participants nurture the development of strong social businesses, helping them to proceed from an idea to business incubation or the start-up of their initiative.

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