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What we do:

ACTIVATE! Change Drivers is a youth leadership development programme that brings more than 3250 young people together in a national network, through leadership training. These young people, or ‘Activators’, are consciously and critically engaged in multi-sectoral initiatives across the economic, political and social spectrums.

Our model comprises of two strategic elements, both central to the development of a young person as an agent for change. Firstly, there is a training element. The ACTIVATE! Change Drivers course is a residential training commitment (18 days) with ongoing home tasks. The second element is a wide-range of platforms and formats, geared to support Activators to increase their influence and impact. It aims to support their specific social initiatives and overall entrepreneurial approach, sustaining their connections to each other and the broader network or resources and opportunities.

Key Focus areas:

  •     Health
  •     Literacy
  •     Inclusivity and Interconnectedness
  •     Youth Economic Participation
  •     Active Citizenry






































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