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ACTIVATE! Change Drivers was initiated in January 2012, and to date has provided more than 2500 young South Africans with the training to change their lives, and the world they inhabit. The organisation is present across all nine provinces from cities, rural areas, education levels, in diverse religious and sexual orientations and identities. 


Mission, Vision and Objectives:

  • Our objective is to equip young people of South Africa to be innovative active citizens, influencing and provoking positive change for the global good.
  • Our vision is a network of young leaders with the capacity to drive change for the public good across South Africa.
  • Our mission is to build the capacity of Activators to become leaders for public innovation and catalyse connection points giving rise and support to growing the influence of a network of change drivers as a new political, social and economic force.
  • Our work is based on values of generosity, respect, strategic intentional relevance and responsibility.































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