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We provide critical support to struggling Early Childhood Development Centres/Nurseries (ECD Centres) located in the poorest and most underprivileged townships of South Africa, where education is seen as the only way to escape poverty.

Our mission is two fold; to get the children ‘School-Ready’ by the time they are 6, and to ensure the ECD Centres can be registered with the South African Government. This takes a matrix of support culminating in better ECD Centres, long-term employment and sustainability for the teachers and nursery owners. We operate in townships where unemployment can typically run at 80%.

Through 6 inter-related pillars we support the delivery of health, education and safety to vulnerable children as well as facilitate the training and up-skilling that adults need to teach the children and successfully run the ECD Centres.

Teachers and owners are the heart of the communities and are key to ECD Centres success. Without them, none of our initiatives could be implemented and maintained. Through our Teacher Training and Entrepreneurship Mentorship programmes, we help with the registration of the ECD Centres with local governing bodies and help to create sustainable businesses.

Without all of these 6 key pillars working congruently – it’s simple. The children fail. We fail.

Camille Paterson – Programme Director says:
“There is NO point providing a healthy nutritious meal programme to children in an unsafe, unhygienic, structurally unsound environment surrounded by teachers who don’t care. This is why our 6 Pillar Approach is vital to getting these children School-Ready. Without any one of these pillars we simply fail our children. And in my view, as a South African, we fail our future.”


























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