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Image: U-turn featured on National television for World Homeless day 2018 To honour the day we're asking for the public to please donate clothing and purchase vouchers for responsible giving.

We are very proud to be featured on eNCA today in prime time television as part of World Homeless Day!.
The shops, our skills & work based solution, as well as some of the incredible client stories featured beautifully in the interview. (see the interview video below)

Find more info here to donate clothing and purchase vouchers http://homeless.org.za/get-involved

Feel free to comment and share and thank you for your support to get U-turn to this proud moment!   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Funding, Poverty
Image: Grow Great Campaign - galvanizing South Africa to achieving zero stunting by 2030. This multi-funder initiated campaign aims to confront the hidden challenge of chronic under-nutrition in South Africa.

Johannesburg, 12 October 2018: The Grow Great campaign will be officially launched in Johannesburg on 17 October 2018. This multi-funder initiated campaign aims to confront the hidden challenge of chronic under-nutrition in South Africa and will mobilise the nation to achieve zero-stunting by 2030. Given her commitment to maternal and child health and her advocacy for early childhood development, the First Lady Dr. Tshepo Motsepe will deliver the keynote address at the media launch of the Grow Great Campaign.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education, Poverty
Image: American students put theory to practice during an internship at an NGO Extreme poverty, malnutrition and the threat of safety is not a common consideration for many Americans

But four brave students from various parts of the United States had a desire to learn first-hand the plight of those living in disadvantaged communities and enrolled in an internship with Mustadafin Foundation as part of their university exchange programme with the University of the Western Cape.   Read More...

COMPANY NEWS , Poverty, Residential Care
Image: Corporates and Non-Profits join forces to help feed the homeless One of the more interesting and innovative collaborations that took place this Mandela Day was a team of corporates and non-profit organisations...

The organisations who cooked up a feeding scheme for the Cape Town homeless.  Led by Sekisa Foods NPC(not for profit company) , a social enterprise thatproduces organic food products,the volunteers fromOld Mutual, Redwood Third Party Processing, PKF, CCG and Kemkleanmadesoup for hundreds of homeless and needy Mandela Day recipients.   Read More...

Image: Exciting Days Fighting Extreme Poverty with ONE ONE Youth Ambassadors for the "Ich Schaue Hin!" campaign
It was only the second time that I had met with my fellow Youth Ambassadors but I was filled with excitement, and even looking back today, I’m amazed at how every event, encounter, and conservation sticks in my head.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Poverty
It's all go go go at Cho Cho Cho.

Children in Distress, who take care of 470 black, orphaned and vulnerable children and their 236 care givers who mostly live in Mganduzweni, Jerusalem, Cho Cho Cho, Mcobaneni, Chweni, Kabokweni, Daizenzai and Phelandaba areas in Mpumalanga, recently hosted a conference at Cho Cho Cho, one of the organisations centres in the Masoyi area.    Read More...

HEADLINES, Health, Poverty
Study shows starving cancer cells of glucose leads to the cells' death.

Compared to normal cells, cancer cells have a prodigious appetite for glucose, the result of a shift in cell metabolism known as aerobic glycolysis or the ‘Warburg effect.’ Researchers focusing on this effect as a possible target for cancer therapies have examined how biochemical signals present in cancer cells regulate the altered metabolic state, writes Jennifer Marcus.   Read More...

The first step: Accept street people are part of our community.

As long as you seek a solution to homelessness, it will remain just out of your grasp. As long as you try to get rid of the homeless, they will remain a thorn in your side. The only way to face the issue of homelessness is to accept that they are a part of our community, a part who expose and scratch the wounds that are our selfishness and intolerance.   Read More...

Researchers release findings on who benefits from nature tourism.

Using nature's beauty as a tourist draw can boost conservation in China's valued panda preserves, but it is not an automatic ticket out of poverty for the humans who live there, a unique long-term study shows. This study can also have relevance here in South Africa, where there are many projects to assist local communities in benefiting from local tourism attractions.   Read More...

Access to clean water remains a challenge for rural populations.

Lack of access to clean water prevents communities from enjoying a healthy lifestyle and also in the achieving of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, writes Kizito Sikuka*, in this article republished courtesy of SANGONeT - http://www.ngopulse.org/.   Read More...

Area in Limpopo supported with new self-drive travel route.

With job creation increasingly cited as a pressing priority for South Africans, Western Union, a leader in global money movement and payment services has 'adopted' an area in South Africa's Limpopo region to further job sustainability there for rural people.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Poverty
REDD+ project design: 10 points to consider so the poor do not lose out.

REDD+ (http://www.iied.org/natural-resources/key-issues/forestry/redd-protecting-climate-forests-and-livelihoods) aims to reward or compensate tropical developing countries for keeping their forests intact or for reducing the scale of  deforestation, writes Essam Mohammed.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Poverty
Urban poverty’s hidden dimensions threaten development, new research reveals.

Residents of low-income and informal urban settlements suffer hugely from inadequate living conditions and limited access to services, which puts a disproportionate burden on women’s unpaid time and results in far-reaching consequences for their well-being, according to a new research.   Read More...

HEADLINES, Housing & Living Conditions, Poverty
New UCT Unilever study reveals consumer pressure

The vast majority of South Africans are continuing to live like they are in the midst of a recession, according to research due to be released by the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , HEADLINES, Education, Housing & Living Conditions, Poverty, Safety & Security
South Africa’s children at risk

Following an article, “Shock figures shows crippled youth”, on the breakdown of family life in South Africa, which appeared in the Cape Times on 5 April 2011, NICRO (National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders) has expressed grave concern about the effects of unstable families and child-headed households on children and young people.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Housing & Living Conditions, Poverty, Social & Community
Image: Magical Moments for kids Slipstream partners with NGO


ALL THE NEWS , Housing & Living Conditions, Poverty, Social & Community
Le Quartier Français is top StreetSmart restaurant

Top Franschhoek restaurant Le Quartier Français is leading the pack by raising nearly R50 000 in aid of StreetSmart South Africa, the non-profit organisation dedicated to the social upliftment of street children.   Read More...

Image: Njabulo Children’s Home donation Jet marketing gives to needy children

The marketing division of Jet stores donated 17 boxes of much-needed clothing to the children at the Njabulo Children's Home in Maraisburg. The generous donation will be used to clothe eight boys and four girls.   Read More...

HEADLINES, Government, Poverty
New agency board to tackle poverty head-on

In line with Government’s emphasis on poverty eradication and job creation, the National Development Agency (NDA) recently announced several key changes geared at improving its operations and improving service delivery in reducing poverty in South Africa.   Read More...

Image: Niger food security emergency aid US$13 million from IFAD

ROME – The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has announced that a US$6.50 million loan and US$6.50 grant will be provided to the Government of the Niger to help mitigate the impact of the major food and pastoral crisis that hit the regions of Maradi, Tahoua and Tillabery in 2010.    Read More...

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Search Category: Poverty
Search Category: Poverty

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