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An innovative new bottle

Categories: Environment & Bio-diversity
Backsberg wines Tread Lightly

Zoom further honed its green credentials by helping Backsberg, the first SA winery to achieve carbon neutral status, to again make history. The project was the launch of the first certified wines in South Africa to be sold in Mondi’s innovative, light* PET soft bottle. 

The aptly named Tread Lightly range, which features the 2008 Merlot and 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, has its own identity and label design, as well as a stand-alone website. Here you can learn more about the energy savings gained from the use of this bottle, as well as Backsberg’s other sustainable practices.

Tread Lightly was launched in partnership with Pick ‘n Pay through a neck-tag driven promotion, where customers stand to win a green home makeover.

* A PET bottle is one-eight the weight of glass and, of course, the lighter the container, the smaller the carbon footprint. The softer it is, the more can be packed in one 

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