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Help Collect-a-Can with their Guinness World RecordsTM attempt and win

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It’s coming up to that time of year again where Collect-a-Can will embark on their eco-friendly, record-breaking mission to get into the Guinness World RecordsTM Book for collecting the most cans in a single month. The record attempt happens every year in October and this year Collect-a-Can will not only be encouraging schools to help them break their record, as has been the case in previous years, but would like to encourage organisations within the community to join in as well. Participants will not only become a part of history by joining this initiative but will also stand the chance to win some great prizes.  

Collect-a-Can was mentioned in the Guinness World RecordsTM Book for the first time in 2007 when the campaign roped South African schools into a massive collection drive to set a record for the most cans collected in a single month. A total of 2 million cans were collected, making Collect-a-Can the first record holders of this attempt. The cans collected accounted for almost 10% of the total can production in South Africa for 2006.

“In 2008 we managed to sustain the record and in 2009 we broke our own record with a collection of 2.2 million cans,” says Mathabo Phomane, Marketing and PR Manager for Collect-a-Can. “Having achieved a new record for the most steel cans collected in one month, we have now set our sights on an even bigger and better can recovery in 2010. For our attempt this October we are encouraging institutions such as old age homes, orphanages, homes for the handicapped and animal shelters as well as schools from across the country to participate,” Phomane summarises.

To encourage participation in their Guinness World RecordsTM attempt, Collect-a-Can runs an annual Guinness World RecordsTM attempt competition, awarding schools that help them collect the most used beverage cans in October with book and cash prizes. Schools participating in the National Schools Competition, MySchool, are automatically entered into this competition. Publishing company Pan Macmillan South Africa a division of Macmillan South Africa has been a dedicated sponsor of this competition since its inception and will again be sponsoring book prizes to the schools that help collect the most cans. Macmillan is known for its high-quality academic, scholarly, educational, fiction, non-fiction and reference publishing.

This year a second category has been introduced to the competition. This category will encourage the collection all types of cans including used food cans, aerosol cans, oil cans, paint cans and beverage cans. Collect-a-Can is in the process of sourcing additional prize sponsors for this category and would welcome the assistance from any corporate organisations who can assist to make the competition exciting and rewarding for all who participate.

MySchool will again act as media partner to Collect-a-Can by assisting in getting the message of this exciting competition out to the schools on their database.

Collect-a-Can looks forward to an exciting Guinness World RecordsTM attempt in October and hopefully a mention in the 2010 Guinness World RecordsTM Book as well.

Contact the Collect-a-Can head office on (011) 466 2939 for more information or visit the Collect-a-Can website www.collectacan.co.za

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