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1000 Hoops to be made for The Hoop For Hope Campaign

Each one teach one the 3rd Fish - When you teach a man to fish, he can feed himself for life, once he teaches someone else to fish, the community will eat for life. The Hoopsters role is both in the development of age appropriate hoop activities aligned to the Life Orientation and Physical Education curricula in the school, and training teachers and Community support members in the coaching techniques to ensure the circles keep spinning and creating joy!

In August 2019

PicknPay and Mastercard sponsored a Hooping Initiative at 4 schools in Soweto

Program objectives:

  • Change Awareness for educators
  • Change readiness for learners
  • Sustainability in the environment

The principals were made aware of the organic nature of the program

  • Hoops are made from recycled bottle tops
  • Collecting bottle tops is a starting point to fully engaging the school and the community in the change process
  • Etandweni Primary School principal jumped into the circle and collected 12000 bottle tops towards a hoop per child objective
  • World Hoop Day takes place on the 1 st Saturday in October all over the globe, there has never been a support event hosted in South Africa
  • Etandwendi HOOPS to be the first local venue by having all 1100 kids from Foundation Stage to Gr4 hooping together for HOPE on Monday 7 th October 2019

As our program ended , the outbreak of violence erupted in the townships; at the center of all the chaos, the kids must carry on at school.
We have an opportunity to bring joy in the midst of the turmoil HOOP FOR HOPE

Hoop Production By the Hoopsters
The Hoops are manufactured from recycled High Density Poly Ethanal Plastic (HDPE) which is made from Recycled Bottle Tops. One Hoop is equal to 200 bottle tops. The Production is done at a house in the Community . The Hoops are Hand Made by the Hoopsters with Love

Request For Sponsorship
R250 000 For 1000 Hoops
1000 Hula Hoops @ R250 per hoop Total Amount of R250 000
This includes Youth Labour Cost for Hoop Manufacturing, all equipment, Transport Cost for Distribution of Hoops at the School & Hoop Fitness Facilitation Fee for preparation of the kids

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