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Recycled Billboard Bags

Categories: Environment & Bio-diversity
ADreach Goes Eco-chic

Demonstrating its green conscience, The ADreach Group is donating used Supalite skins to Bloomin’ Bags for recycling into a high quality range of unique and trendy bags.

Through the initiative, ADreach is not only reducing the impact of used billboard material on the environment; but has also contributed towards the creation of jobs for previously unemployed women who now earn their living making fabulous designer bags.

The company responsible for production of the fun and funky billboard bag creations is Bloomin’ Bags. According to the founder of the fast-growing entrepreneurial enterprise, Nina Bloom, billboard skins are not recyclable and most end up in landfills, adding to toxic waste.

“Bloomin’ Bags was born of a passion to contribute towards a cleaner environment. We are elated at the prospect of doing so by repurposing a once useless product into something functional and exciting”, said Nina.

According to Nina, billboard vinyl makes fantastic bags as it is strong, durable and waterproof; and the unique advertising creations that once graced a billboard easily become colourful one-of-a-kind fashion masterpieces.

“A cleaner greener environment can be achieved only through the sustained demonstration of social responsibility by Corporates. We congratulate the ADreach Group for their contribution towards a greener legacy and implore other companies to follow their lead”, concluded Nina.

Bloomin’ Bags are currently available at B&B Markets’ Rooftop Market in Rosebank.  

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