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Zoom Raises The Bar On Carbon Offsetting .....

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ZOOM Advertising was South Africa’s first ad agency to offset its carbon footprint.  And now the agency has taken this to another level by measuring the impacts of its television and photographic shoots too.


When, in 2008, ZOOM first began offsetting its carbon impacts, the agency undertook a process of analysing this in terms of electricity and paper usage and by the amount of vehicular and air travel incurred by all staff. To offset the effects of ZOOM’s total carbon footprint in the past year, the agency has just bought another 380 trees. ZOOM works with ‘Food and Trees for Africa’, an NGO that plants fruit trees and trains communities on how to care for and monitor the growth of the trees.
ZOOM’s Lucy Witts says that ZOOM is increasing its efforts to reduce the agency’s carbon footprint all the time. “As we move towards a paperless operation, we’re actually reducing our impacts and, if it weren’t for the fact that we’re now taking account of our TV and photo shoots, we’d actually be buying less trees this year. The next step in our plan is to calculate our radio production footprint.
“By planting trees in this way, we are helping communities to be sustainable. Our trees will be planted in a number of disadvantaged areas in and around Cape Town over the next year.”
ZOOM is Ogilvy’s expert retail advertising and ‘brands at retail’ agency. MD, Steve Massey adds: “We’re setting a standard for responsible business practice and environmental awareness ... not only for the industry but also for our clients.” 


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