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The Hippo Water Roller Project changes lives

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When the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership (MBP) was launched in 2009 the average child in Lavavolo, Madagascar spent much of the day fetching water from a nearby well and few had the luxury of attending school.

The introduction of the Hippo Water Roller by MBP was instrumental in community development projects that followed in partnership with Conservation Fusion, an international NGO.

The Hippo Rollers have allowed my children to spend time on their education since they do not have to spend the majority of their day fetching water for cooking, washing and bathing.” ~ Matilda, MBP camp cook.

When the Director of Conservation Fusion, Susie McGuire, arrived in Lavavolo, she wanted to test out the Hippo Water Roller for herself:

An entire gang of young girls joined me enthusiastically with their buckets. We rolled up to the well, and they kept chanting the number eight with giant smiles on their faces. They had already figured out that the Hippo Roller could carry eight buckets worth of water within its belly, requiring only ¼ of the time it took to fill their buckets.


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