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Leave Only Bike Tracks

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Greenpop had the pleasure of hosting a planting day in Cape Town for a group of travel professionals

This group of  travel professionals came from across the globe as part of the World Youth Student Travel Conference.

It was amazing to be surrounded by individuals with such a passion for helping young people explore our beautiful planet and it also got us thinking about the notion of green travel. We all know that being a jet setter wrecks havoc on your carbon footprint, so, that begs the question: is it possible be an environmentalist and a globe trotter?

At Greenpop the only thing we love more than trees is a good adventure. Give us the opportunity to trek through the Amazon or rub shoulders with respected environmentalists in Geneva and we won't hesitate! However, saying yes to new experiences doesn't mean we have to say no to Mother Nature. We can still avoid all unnecessary business travel -- I mean, have you heard of Skype? We can opt for group road trips rather than flights. And, of course, we compensate for our travel carbon footprint by planting trees (like the 1000 saplings that we planted with Terra Khaya in Hogsback last weekend)!

And, while we're at it, we can also think about the transportation we use more frequently, dig out our bikes or roller blades or bus passes, and find wonderful and inspiring ways to get from A to B that don't cost the earth.

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